Period Joinery Hebden Bridge

Period Joinery Hebden Bridge

Custom period joinery in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas

Would you put modern windows in a period building?

Imagine a beautiful, characterful old building that has been standing for centuries. Now imagine casting your gaze across it to take in its splendour only to have your eyes and design sensibilities accosted by modern-style plastic windows!

The tragic thing about such a situation is that it does happen in real life. Yes, that’s right people do choose to install modern windows and other aspects of modern joinery in period, and period-style buildings. All at once ruining their aesthetics, as well as the overall design integrity of the project, and in the case of heritage restorations, risking the disapproval of the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England and a significant fine.

Period Joinery Hebden Bridge is the solution!

The good news is that there is a solution to this issue and it's to choose period joinery that is custom designed and made for your project. Indeed, by opting for period joinery you can preserve the integrity of the look and the design of your building, while ensuring it is properly finished to a high quality and safe and functional for use.

The benefits of custom joinery

Bespoke/ customer design

There are many benefits to using custom joinery in your building project, the first of which is that custom joinery can be built to any design, including bespoke and one-off pieces. That means we can work with your needs and requirements no matter what your project demands to ensure that the final product is everything you could imagine.

Indeed, no matter the space you are looking to fill, a custom, period piece of joinery from PF Farnish & Co Ltd will be perfectly crafted to fit all your needs, with fastidious attention to detail. Ensuring perfect harmony between joinery elements and the rest of your design.

High quality

Then there is the fact that here at PF Farnish & Co Ltd we only create joinery that is of the highest quality. That means that our experienced and dedicated craftspeople use their expertise to create joinery that fits perfectly into the space in which it is intended, and that will last a lifetime.
Reasonable price

Here at PF Farnish & Co Ltd, we make it our mission to offer superbly crafted period joinery pieces at a reasonable price. Are our doors, windows and staircases as cheap as the item you can get from the local DIT store? Of course, not, but they are nothing like them in quality and style either. Indeed, because they are crafted not only to look the part but last for years and years, many of our happy clients report saving money over the long term compared to the false economy of modern pieces used in a period setting.

Choose PF Farnish & Co Ltd for all your custom and period joinery needs

If you are looking for Period Joinery in Hebden Bridge or the surrounding area, be sure to contact PF Farnish & Co Ltd on 01274 725354 for a free estimate, today.