Wooden Windows Bradford

Are you looking for windows that match existing designs in your home or property? Welcome to P.F Farnish & Co. LTD, joinery manufacturers and contractors, specialising the high-quality wooden windows Bradford property owners need. We have a long history on the market and are ready to provide the products you want.

Handmade To The Highest Quality

When you buy new windows for your home, you only want the best. We know this. That’s why we offer customers handmade windows that our designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. Perfectly crafted and beautifully designed, these windows are sure to add a pleasing aesthetic to your property’s exterior.

Meticulously crafted by expert professionals, we take great pride in the wooden windows that we sell to our customers and business clients.

Customise Your Window Designs

As well as providing basic wooden windows, we can build a complete custom design for your property. Do you have a particular style of window that you want for your new home? We can deliver it, working with your ideas to create a unique, bespoke window that will look fantastic as a part of your property. Contact us today to find out more about this option and the type of designs that we can provide.

We provide wooden windows to meet specialist requirements as well. You might be planning to build a conservation area, and the right windows will be an essential part of the design work here. Our wooden windows are a fantastic choice, offering the quality design work that you need.

Serving Domestic And Commercial Customers

We provide wooden windows in Bradford to homeowners and business owners alike. You might be looking at a way to increase the curb appeal of your property. With the right wooden windows, you can make your home stand out on the street and guarantee that it attracts a lot of interest. Or, you could be looking at ways to make sure that your business captures the interest of customers. With our wooden windows, you can make sure that the property looks absolutely fantastic with a fresh style.

As well as providing windows directly to customers, we also supply our products to different manufacturers and joineries, ensuring they have the best wooden windows they need for their clients.

All Shapes And Sizes

Do you have a special shape or sized window design in mind for your property? We provide wood windows in a wide range of shapes and styles including, circular, traditional, traditional sliding sash windows and arched. These are just some of the unique shapes that we can provide for your home or business property.

Find Out More Now

Are you interested in buying wooden windows in Bradford? Contact us today to find out more about the different types of windows that we provide. Alternatively, you can checkout our full site for more information. Operating as manufacturers and contractors since 1922, our company has been part of various different projects. Whether you need wooden windows for your home, office, business or new development, you’re sure to find the answer from our team.