Green Eco Fuel Briquettes Bradford

Sustainability is important to you. We get it. It’s important to us, too. Each of us, businesses and consumers alike owes it to ourselves and every generation that comes after us to treat the planet we share with care, love and respect. We’ve been delivering bespoke joinery solutions to clients all over West Yorkshire since 1922. In that time we’ve gained a greater and greater understanding of the importance of sustainability when dealing with finite resources like wood.

That’s why we take great care to eliminate waste, recycling leftover timber materials to create a cost-effective and sustainable fuel for our customers. That’s why, as well as offering a wide range of bespoke timber manufacturing solutions we also offer Green Eco Fuel Briquettes to our customers in and around Bradford.

Fueling a more sustainable future

Nothing brings a cosy, homely touch to your residence or business like a roaring fire or wood stove. Yet, in an age where we’re more aware than ever of how the choices we make as consumers affect the planet, we understand that many of our customers are reticent to use fossil fuels like coal on their fires and stoves.

That’s why we’re delighted to offer these eco-conscious and sustainable fuel briquettes. Our Green Eco Fuel Briquettes are made from 100% recycled waste so you can heat your home or business safe in the knowledge that you’re doing so without contributing to environmentally harmful deforestation.

Easy to use and store, our briquettes are suitable for traditional fireplaces, outdoor chimineas or wood burning stoves. They are supplied in polythene sealed bags made from 100% recycled plastic. Each bag contains approximately 140 briquettes.

Environmentally conscious craftsmanship

With decades of joinery experience behind us we have taken great care to bring our customers the highest quality craftsmanship using sustainably sourced wood. If you enjoy our Eco Fuel Briquettes, we hope that you will also consider us for your future timber manufacturer and contractor needs.

Some of our specialisms include;

Designer doors

Your doors should fit in with your existing architectural style while also elevating the aesthetic of the room in which they hang. Our expert joiners are adept at crafting beautiful bespoke interior and exterior doors to fit a range of properties.

Wonderful windows
We are expert in the art and science of manufacturing and fitting bespoke timber windows. Whether you’re looking for arched windows, circular windows, traditional sliding sash windows or more specialist designs for conservation areas we have the experience and expertise you need.

Splendid staircases

Our combination of precision engineering and artistic flair allow us to create beautiful and unique bespoke staircases that are matched to the architectural style of your property while also accounting for your own personal taste. Take a moment to browse our gallery.

Put your trust in PF Farnish and Co. Ltd

We don’;t think you’ll find a joiner in all of West Yorkshire who can match our passion for quality craftsmanship, customer care and ecological sustainability.

We take great enormous pride in producing quality timber products at prices you won’t believe while sustainably putting our timber waste to good use.

Get in touch today to order some of our Green Eco Fuel Briquettes or to see how we can help bring your project to life.

We can’t wait to hear from you!