Sash Windows Skipton

Sash Windows Skipton

Sash windows are a wonderful addition to any home, especially one with a strong sense of architectural history and identity. They’re extremely versatile and so full of character. A beautiful and practical solution that can flood your home with natural light while also keeping you warm and cosy all year round. When it comes to getting the most out of your windows, there’s no substitute for the natural look and feel of high-quality, sustainably sourced timber.

At P.F Farnish & Co Ltd. we specialise in the highest standard of Sash Windows in Skipton.

The beauty and benefit of sash windows

Whether you’re replacing existing sash windows or making sash windows part of your latest construction project, there’s no denying the many benefits. They have infinitely more character than their uPVC counterparts and offer a wonderful combination of utility and aesthetic beauty. They can be painted in any colour and you can even have different colours for the inside and outside. Because they’re made from natural timber their presence also has a calming and visually satisfying effect making us feel more at home than ever when we’re in their presence.

Farnish & CO provide the perfect fit

When replacing your Sash Windows in Skipton, we know how important it is to hew as closely as possible to the look and feel of the original window. We specialise in the manufacture and installation of bespoke Sash Windows in Skipton that honour the historical and architectural context in which they’re placed while giving you all the benefits of robust and long lasting brand new sash windows. We specialise in individual bespoke designs for your traditional sliding sash windows, and can match or improve upon existing designs according to your needs.

Need a specialist design or have specific requirements for a home in a conservation area? Our team can help you to marry the new with the old.

A great look now and for decades to come

Our sash windows are built with a lifetime of use in mind. uPVC windows are not only less aesthetically pleasing they are porous which can compromise their longevity.Our Sash Windows in Skipton are not designed to least 10, 20 or 30 years. They’re made to last a lifetime.

The greener choice

Wooden Sash Windows in Skipton don’t just look amazing, they’re a more environmentally sound choice than uPVC. Wooden sash windows are actually negative in GWP (Global Warming Potential). uPVC windows, on the other hand, contain 6 chemicals which are known to be hazardous to the environment.

Keeping your home warm 100% naturally

Our Sash Windows are made to the highest standards to ensure that your home benefits from the naturally insulating qualities of real timber without compromising your home’s aesthetic.

Why choose us?

With almost 100 years of experience, P.F Farnish & Co Ltd is the perfect choice to make and install your brand new Sash WIndows in Skipton. We’ve been doing this since 1922 and have a wealth of experience bringing bespoke timber products to all kinds of construction and restoration projects at prices designed to delight our clients. We cater for both commercial and domestic customers as well as building contractors and we’ve yet to meet a project that got the better of us.

Get in touch today to see how we can transform your sash windows.